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Best Diving in the Quirimbas

Experience the best diving in Quirimbas when you stay at Ibo Island Lodge in Mozambique.The Dive Quirimbas movement focus will cook for all your swooping needs and you will likewise have the capacity to swim with the dolphins, what an approach to support your Mozambique plunging occasion.

Ibo Island and encompasses have some glorious plunge locales that visitors discuss. You can book an arrangement of jumps as a visitor at Ibo Island Lodge, ora portable island jumping swoop safari or a devoted jump bundle or– one of the superlative plunging and exploit encounters in Mozambique!

Jumpers need in any event a week to investigate the innumerable swoop locales in this locale of northern Mozambique. Go to Ilha de Mozambique, off the coast at Nacala, and find the suitably named Dugong Dive and Water games Center. You will be taken to a submerged universe of shark, marlin, dolphin, turtle and the humpback whale – and a lot of diversion fish.

At Ibo Island Lodge, the occupant PADI Dive Instructor offers a portion of the best plunging courses to all levels of jumpers. Verifiably the most prevalent swooping at Ibo is at the beacon. This long divider swoop covers a region of 1km2 and peaks incorporate asking mantis shrimp, holy messenger fish, maid angles, monstrous napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, leaf fish, strip eels and enclosure eels.

Delight in some brilliant shallow plunges at the nineteenth century coal steamer wreck simply north of the sandbar shoreline off Ibo. Take a watercraft out to Matemo and Rolas Islands near Ibo, the phenomenal Zala Banks at Mogundula Island and Cocoons. Take a watercraft to Matemo Island to investigate the celebrated internationally Matemo Channel and Rush Hour for immense schools of diversion fish. Rolas Island, not far away, likewise uncovers shallow coral enclosures for freshman jumpers or submerged photographic artists. Discover the bashful Pipe Fish and Crocodile fish!

A portion of the best making the plunge the Quirimbas happens on the reefs at Quilalea Island. From here, you can set out by pontoon to the incredible Saint Lazarus Bank and have room schedule-wise of your existence with 17 swooping destinations available to you.

Many individuals say that the swooping is out of this world at Medjumbe Private Island where untouched coral reefs just can’t be contrasted with other jump locales on the planet. Swoop destinations at Medjumbe are to a great degree ensured and these fall under the private Marine hold that encompasses the island. Stay at Medjumbe to swoop their destinations!

A swooping occasion at Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago is the best thing you could do – loaded with undertaking and differences. All around this island saturated with history, jumpers are dealt with to up to 30m perceivability and warm 28 degree Celsius waters. Contact one of the specialists today to compose your best jump.

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