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Hyderabad – The Birth Of A New Princely City

The princely state which gave us the delicious biriyani and certain other delicacies is a stand-out city in the past and present alike, with a really bright and promising future. This rapidly developing city is competing to be among the best cities in India. This article briefly describes the transition of the city from its ancient era to its modern.

The city of Hyderabad directly resonates with a princely state feeling. This is mainly because this old city was the seat of the Nizam, the ruler of the entire princely state and the twin city of Secunderabad. This city is the cream of all the historical destinations in India. Although this old city is filthy rich with the historical building, monuments and palaces; it is also a rapidly developing city. So much so that it is believed to be giving the flamboyant and tech centres of India, Bangalore, a run for its money to take over the throne as the IT capital of India.

Emerging as a top city in the country, this city has a lot of visitors. Although the city sees a lot of tourists, most of the visitors are normally here on a business trip. You need not worry about your stay here as there is certainly no shortage of accommodations and you could book the best one fitting your purpose and budget by making an online booking. You could just check the listings of the hotels in Hyderabad with tariff on your search engine and compare and book it via a travel website. Hyderabad plays home to two of the biggest heavyweight MNC’s in India – Microsoft and Google, have their India headquarters here, which gave it a huge surge in visitors and settlers working for such huge companies.

In the current pace that the city is growing, it is easy to overlook the historical brilliance and heritage of this city. Best city guide with the spawning of numerous sky high malls and office buildings with glass facades, the whole city has a new face lift and there are constant ongoing constructions of flyovers to tackle the increasing traffic. One has to be on the look out for the historical sites specifically which can be a quick oversight with the sprawling metropolis buildings. Although if the entire purpose of visit were to witness such historical sights then it is a different story. In the quest of establishing the city on a new theme and making it an IT centre of India, there are also many facilities and establishments set up for class of people. Very often people are here for a few days to attend business meetings. This saw the establishment of various 5 star hotels in Hyderabad to cater to such businessmen and entrepreneurs. These class of people splurge on some of the finest luxurious hotel after their long tiring meetings. Hyderabad has a brilliant mix and representation of India’s rich historical past and the new emerging modern India.

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